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The official podcast of the Babylon Bee with editor-in-chief Kyle Mann and creative director Ethan Nicolle.

Mar 19, 2021

This is the Bee Weekly 3/19/21.

Kyle and Ethan talk about the week’s biggest stories like a man sitting in a pool of bean dip for a good cause, brave teacher’s unions literally laying their lives down for the kids, and the entire world becoming national socialists. Ethan talks about losing his dad this week, the guys will do anything for money, and we get sent the best hate mail.


Kyle and Ethan talk about their weeks. Kyle has been sick as a dog and hasn’t been in the office. Ethan talks about losing his dad this week. 


The Lord of the Rings podcast will continue behind the paywall starting this Saturday

Subscriber Dare

From Mitchell Ferencevich: Read John 3:16-18 on Podcast in Hawaii Pidgin Bible on YouVersion Bible app. Shout out to his wife Melissa Ferencevich. She's the best wife and mother of 6 and goes by "Proverbs30gunwoman" on Fortnite.

Weird News

These Insane Videos Show What Happens When You Improperly Store A Truckload Of Fireworks In Your House, A Lesson Just Learned By One SoCal Homeowner

Florida School Principal, Daughter Arrested For Allegedly Hacking Student Accounts To Cast Homecoming Votes

Did The Hill Publish A Fake Video Of Biden?

Marvel Is Rolling Out A Gay Captain America

Man Sits In Bean Dip For 24 Hours To Promote California Restaurant

Columbia U. Will Have 6 Separate Graduations Segregated By Race, Income, Sexuality, and Ethnicity. Seriously.

Here It Is: Possibly One Of The Worst Tweet Of All Time.

Website Hiring 'Minecraft' Gardening Consultants For Virtual Landscaping

Cat Trapped In Tree For Over A Week Rescued, Given Spaghetti

Baby Kangaroo Found After Night On The Loose In New York

Loose Ram Chases Ontario Cyclist Down Rural Road

Dog Driver Blamed For Crashing Owner's Jeep Into Wisconsin Building

Look: Home-Invading Raccoon Found Sleeping In Dishwasher

British Man Drinks Capri Sun In 16.65 Seconds To Set Guinness Record

Man Catches 67 Pieces Of Caramel Corn In His Mouth For Guinness Record

Is THIS like the Nazis??

Now watch The Cartoon!

Teacher’s Union Negotiations

Check out the YouTube channel for more video content.

Hate Mail

Susan is happy she let her Babylon Bee subscription expire.

Ultra-Exclusive Subscriber Lounge

Subscriber Update

Mail Bag (Not hate mail)

We were probably mean to Megan Markle. Or not.

Bonus Hate Mail

We believe this man has had a few to drink and doesn’t like the pop-up ads.

Subscriber Headlines of the Week

Kyle’s Christian Book Store stories