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The only authorized and inerrant podcast of The Babylon Bee.

Dec 24, 2020

In this episode of The Babylon Bee Podcast, Kyle and Ethan celebrate Christmas at The Babylon Bee Studio with returning guests Kira Davis, Kellen Erskine, and Greg Koukl. They debate what qualifies as a Christmas movie, wonder how great it would be to have a VeggieTales/Hallmark Movie Universe crossover, and try to rank International Ninja Day and Taylor Swift’s birthday among other venerated December holidays. Merry Christmas!

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Kellen has a podcast about books: The Book Pile

Kira Davis has a podcast about her opinions and also another podcast about Hallmark Christmas movies: Just Listen To Yourself and A Very Merry Podcast

Greg Koukl can be heard at Stand To Reason including #STRAsks.

Topics Discussed

New studio 


Coffee cup drinking style

Short attention spans 

Red Pen Logic series 

Seeker friendly churches


Parody in today’s world 

Karaoke at old folks home 

Brave Ollie Possum 

Veggie tales 

Problem with slogans 

Hallmark Christmas movie

What makes a Christmas movie?

Tragedy of Kevin McCalister 



Seeing movies as an adult 

Star Wars

Ranking Christmas holidays


Dewey Decimal system day

International Ninja day

Celebrating Santa 

The Book Pile podcast

Just Listen To Yourself Podcast 

A Very Merry Podcast

Stand to Reason Podcast

Subscriber Portion   

Christmas for Latter Day Saints

Defending the virgin birth

Faith above reason 

The Red Sea 

Best and worst Christmas gifts

Conservative news outlets 

Trump’s news network 

The War on Christmas 

The Nativity movie 

It’s a Wonderful Life

Ugly Christmas sweaters