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The only authorized and inerrant podcast of The Babylon Bee.

May 21, 2021

In this Bee Weekly, Kyle and Ethan talk to Mark Armitage of the Dinosaur Soft Tissue Research Institute about non-fossilized tissue being found in dinosaur bones and what that might mean for the war between science and religion. They also bring on Senior Writer Frank J. Fleming, our resident expert on animals and women, to talk about how women can gain confidence in fighting vicious animals. There’s the usual weird news of the week, glorious hate mail, and more!


Ethan returns from his trip 

Kyle has to chase his cat after it takes a ride in his engine

Upcoming Interview 

Ethan and Dan talk to Michael Malice for round 5!

We Read YouTube Comments

Weird News

Lady Trespasses At Miami High School, Poses As Student In Order To Gain Instagram Followers

Chinese Man Discovered Glitch In KFC Online Ordering System And Stole Almost $19,000 Worth Of Food 

Rachel Maddow Says She Has To Rewire Herself To Not See Unmasked People As A Threat Now That Mask Mandate Is Gone

Ohio Is Offering Vaccinated Citizens A Chance To Win A Million Dollars 

This Black Guy Disguised Himself As A White Dude In Order To Commit Series Of Burglaries In LA

Chicago Has Released 1000 Feral Cats Over The Past Decade To Tackle Rat Problem 

Man Balances Pool Cue On Forehead For 2 Hours, 16 Minutes For Guinness Record

Segment 1

Which animals would win in a fight? Animal and women expert Frank Fleming joins us to report on his findings. 

Kyle and Ethan talk to Frank about his woman's guide to fighting animals 

Segment 2

Kyle and Ethan talk to Mark Armitage of the Dinosaur Soft Tissue Research Institute.

Hate Mail

A YouTube subscriber wants us to spice up our channel. Kyle and Ethan come up with some ideas to spice up the channel. 

Subscriber Portion 

Bonus Hate Mail

Subscriber Headlines of the week 

Nashville Trip