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Aug 19, 2022

This week at The Babylon Bee, Kyle and Adam talk with chicken coop owning and worship leading Ian Weeks, who is running for California assembly, about whether California is worth the fight. They also talk to Eric D. July about the Rippaverse, which is launching a new wave of non-woke comics and has already raised over $3 million! Also, be on the lookout for evil assault prayer beads that have been co-opted by extremist gun culture!


You can support Ian Weeks in his run for CA assembly.


Make sure to pick up ISOM #1 from the Rippaverse!


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Liz Cheney lost her primary election, the FBI didn’t take Trump’s passport before they actually did, and only 12% of Americans think the Inflation Reduction Act will reduce inflation. Also it’s the one year anniversary of when those Taliban guys were paddling around in swan boats. Sizzler Facts is back with a mystery this week and Adam Yenser is back with Weak-ly News.

The Babylon Bee had an exclusive press conference with the FBI revealing what was in Trump’s safe and Kyle, Adam, and Ian talk about some of their favorite jokes of all time. There may or may not be another edition of Travis’ Game Korner this week. You just have to listen to the whole episode to find out!Hate mail gets read, subscriber headlines get read (with a new twist this week), and Ian Weeks answers the ten questions for subscribers!