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The official podcast of the Babylon Bee with editor-in-chief Kyle Mann and creative director Ethan Nicolle.

Aug 3, 2021

On The Babylon Bee Interview Show, Kyle and Ethan talk to Seamus Coughlin of FreedomToons about animation, public school, and personality types. Seamus has grown a large following with his YouTube channel, FreedomToons, while also being the Catholic voice on various podcasts including The Tim Pool Daily Podcast. Seamus grew his love of politics and animation into one of the best channels on YouTube. He has since amassed over 650 thousand subscribers. 

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Kyle finds out about how Ethan and Seamus started their animation careers. They go into how the education system has evolved in our current culture. Seamus goes into how children's films have degraded and how he hopes to renew them. Seamus tells Ethan and Kyle about the temperament personality types coined from Thomas Aquinas. 

In the Subscriber Lounge, Kyle and Ethan get a lesson on what Catholics believe about the Eucharist. They go into how churches reacted during to being shut down. Lastly Seamus answers a new set of 10 questions.