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The only authorized and inerrant podcast of The Babylon Bee.

Oct 28, 2022

The Babylon Bee looks into whether or not the Right can meme and also talks about celebrating pagan holidays like Halloween. There’s lots of news this week like Elon Musk finalizing his purchase of Twitter, Kanye West ‘going death con 3 on the Jewish people’, and Alex Jones being ordered to pay $1 billion dollars for conspiracy theories. Hillary Clinton is already denying the 2024 elections, John Fetterman might have some slight brain damage, and Ted Cruz may actually be the Zodiac Killer.  


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There’s Weakly News, Sizzler Facts, and articles on the Bee that are banging and bombing. Joe Biden is also warning that we’re going to die unless we get a booster every year, while New York must restore with back pay all the employees they fired over the vaccine mandates.